About Us

Meritrust Wealth Management is here to help you enhance and achieve your individual and business financial goals.

As part of your financial team, we will help orchestrate your financial life with an organized and planned approach. As Stephen Covey said, “What do we live for, if it is not to make life less difficult for each other?” At Meritrust, we take this to heart each and every day.

Our team’s true skill set is to make the complexity of your finances more understandable so that you can achieve peace of mind about your own life goals and what you want to achieve. We are able to do this with our own focused financial expertise and our integrated relationship with the region’s largest CPA firm. This integration sets us apart from other wealth management firms.

Our team will be your trusted advisor— knowing that we need to earn that trust every day.

The Meritrust Experience

The Meritrust Experience is about YOU. It starts with us understanding your goals and what you want to achieve in life. Your wealth is a large part of the foundation of how you achieve all your goals – including lifestyle goals, legacy goals and impact goals. You create the vision and we help you implement and achieve it.

We adopt a “Client First Team Approach.” Our dedicated team members have years of experience in financial and tax matters to work with you – – one on one. We bring in other experts as needed or work with your existing advisory team including CPA’s and attorneys. We involve family members, if appropriate, to make sure that all parties involved are comfortable with your financial plan from the beginning.

We start with a personalized process to provide a strong foundation for establishing our long-term relationship with you. This involves:

Realizing that your financial plan evolves over time, we fashion our “Client First Team Approach” as unique to you, recommending the most appropriate investments for the place and time of today, but with an eye toward the future. Due to our independence from proprietary offerings, we recommend the investments and strategies most uniquely suited to you. The result is that you receive solid advice unencumbered by a quota from a proprietary source or organization.

Our Core Values

Meritrust Wealth Management is guided by five core values. These values represent those principles and attributes that provide purpose and meaning to our team approach.

Client First

We live by the motto “your best interest is our only interest.” The client relationship is the foundation of our business. We take time with each client and with every person that interacts with our firm to make certain they share our Client First attitude.


We are curious advisors in that we want to know what is the best solution for a client now and into the future. How can we navigate complexity to provide financial well-being for a client and their family? Where can we learn new tactics to solve today’s or tomorrow’s issues? These questions feed our pursuit to understand and know you as our client.


Our confidence comes from our Client First attitude and ensuring we’re doing what is right for the client. Our confidence also grows from our curiosity knowing that we’re constantly striving to learn what is in the best interest of our clients.


Our team is always working toward the best answer for you, the client. The competence of the team is robust in both experience and knowledge. Our bench is deep. Our staff and advisors collectively have over 170 years of experience. Our team is comprised of multiple professional designations including JD’s, CFP’s, CPA’s, MBA’s and other advanced designations.


Our team is committed to collaboration to ensure the best experience possible for our clients. We not only collaborate with one another but we also work together with the your existing advisors. This unity leads to strong relationships and outcomes for our clients and their families.

Meritrust is driven by these core values and we put those values on display every day.


Let Us Help You Grow!

The History of Meritrust

Meritrust was founded in 1999 by several partners of MCM CPAs & Advisors LLP (formerly Mountjoy Chilton & Medley LLP), a regional accounting firm headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky with offices in Lexington, Cincinnati, Jeffersonville and Indianapolis. Those partners saw the value of combining wealth management and comprehensive financial planning with the tax and accounting expertise of the CPA firm. Every client deserves to have a “trusted advisor” relationship with their CPA firm so allowing for a combined, seamless experience with your investment management “trusted advisor” is very effective in achieving your overall financial goals.

Since 1999, Meritrust has grown through referrals from MCM as well as referrals from existing satisfied clients. The Meritrust advisors include eight full-time financial advisors complemented with a “Client First Team” of administrative assistants. Over 400 team members with MCM CPAs & Advisors stand ready to provide additional expertise in tax, accounting, estate and trust administration, family business consulting and executive compensation. The depth of knowledge at Meritrust is unsurpassed in the Kentuckiana and southern Ohio region where it operates.

About Kestra Financial

Kestra Financial serves as Meritrust’s Broker Dealer. Since 1997, Kestra Financial has partnered with sophisticated financial advisors who provide their clients with superior service.

Kestra’s independence has created even more flexibility today to do what’s right for the advisors and their clients; with an industry-leading technology platform and offering a wide range of tools and services – all to help them achieve their goals.  For more, visit www.kestrafinancial.com.


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