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Our financial advisors work with businesses of all sizes to fortify your wealth plan, identify the needs of your investors and employees, and manage your goals for the future. The experts at Meritrust understand that each business runs differently and requires custom-tailored plans to ensure your business is secure for generations to come. Tax strategies are an important part of our approach. It is all about the after-tax dollars that a business can invest for the benefit of its owners and employees.

At Meritrust, it’s our business to ensure your business is prepared for the future.

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Succession Planning

If you’re like most of our clients, the majority of your time and focus is dedicated to your business operations. While your time is spent solving the problems of today, let Meritrust’s trusted advisors develop your plans for tomorrow. Our succession planning services provide confidence, allowing your business to follow a well-orchestrated succession plan, keeping client relationships intact and a smooth transition in leadership.

  • Buy-Sell or other Funding Needs – As you contemplate your succession and the potential needs for cash to pay owners, we are ready to assist in providing you many options to plan for this event well in advance of when the event would occur. Meritrust has a team of experts with seasoned experience in the tax benefits of advance funding through various vehicles as well as the operational challenges that could also occur.
  • Liquidation Events – If you are considering or already in the middle of a Liquidation Event for your business, we would be glad to discuss the planning options available to you. These considerations include tax planning, investment of liquidation proceeds, protection of your asset base and even planning around how to manage a team through such a “change event.”
Transfer and Estate Planning

Our transfer and estate planning services are comprehensive, working with advisors, CPA’s, and attorneys to ensure your wealth is managed in the event of death or disability. Our expert financial advisors take the time to learn about your financial situation and the goals for your family and business leading to a seamless transition and distribution of wealth according to your wishes. They evaluate the effects of inter-generational transfers,  charitable giving options, protecting your assets, and work with our partners at MCM CPAs & Advisors to ensure minimization of transfer taxes.

Wealth Preservation

The Meritrust’s Wealth Preservation team focuses on risk mitigation strategies designed to avoid costly pitfalls in order to solidify your long-term wealth prosperity. We consult with advisors, tax experts, and attorneys when necessary to ensure the highest level of trust in support in your wealth preservation plan.

Our wealth preservation services include:

  • Intergenerational Transactions – Passing your wealth to future generations may be a primary goal and if it is, our expertise and experience in advising clients to preserve the family or company asset base would provide value to you as you plan for your future. There are transfer taxes, probate costs and general operational considerations to consider as you develop your long term family plan.
  • Charitable Planning – If charitable giving is a part of your wealth preservation or estate plan, the options available to you are an important component to consider. Whether you are considering a legacy approach or specific gifts to your favorite charity, we will be able to advise you on how best to maximize the impact of your intent and available assets.
  • Inheritance & Gifting – With the complications of estate and gift law, it is essential that you adequately consider the options available to you in any wealth preservation plan. We work with experienced CPA’s and attorneys to provide our best advice for your individual situation.  Everyone’s situation is unique and the best plan includes a customized approach to your asset transfer planning.
Retirement Plan Services

Meritrust’s retirement plan advisors offer value-added solutions for business owners that provide retirement security and present smart options to employees in investing their money and achieving financial independence goals.

From start-up plans to large, multi-location corporations, the advisors at Meritrust can service your retirement plan needs. We’ll work to increase savings, educate your employees, review investment options, and analyze the retirement plan design to ensure a quality retirement plan for your business.

Our retirement plan services include:

  • 401k/403b Plan Design & Service
  • Cash Balance Plan Design & Service
  • Defined Benefit Plan Design & Service
  • Deferred Compensation Plans, Phantom Stock Plans, & Other Non-Qualified Plans
Executive Compensation & Retirement Analysis

Executive retirements can provide many challenges. Our advisors will work with your executive team to develop a specific transition plan based on your unique needs. We will combine sound investment strategies for the retirement stage as well as overall cost savings approaches for the business itself. These strategies will include both qualified and non-qualified plan considerations.

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