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When it comes to managing your wealth, come to us.

Your personal finances should reflect the goals you have for your life. Meritrust’s financial advisors care about your personal financial goals and strive to develop customized plans tailored to you, finding strategies that fit your needs. Whether you are new to financial investing or you have a complex legacy investing portfolio, we can match you with the advisor who will understand your situation and offer you the personal attention and service you deserve—working together to reach your goals.

Wealth management and financial planning are more than just managing your investment portfolio. It is more about achieving an alignment of your personal, emotional and financial decisions that allow you to focus on the most important things in life. Our team comes to work every day to help you achieve your financial dreams – and hopefully have some fun along the way.


What to expect from us:

  • Access to investment strategies that best fit your individual situation
  • In-depth knowledge of your personal and financial objectives
  • Regular meetings and conversations with our team as you progress toward your financial goals
  • A team of advisors dedicated to you and your family or business
  • Collaborative investment, tax, estate and financial planning services

We strive to give you a better return on relationships with advisors who are passionately committed to seeing you and your family or business be successful.

Our Services

Personal Financial Planning

The financial advisors at Meritrust help clients achieve financial success by simplifying complex strategies and choices and formulating a well-designed, comprehensive business, financial and or estate plan that integrates tax planning and investment management.

Meritrust’s financial advisors work with clients at all stages of financial growth and investment to build custom-tailored financial plans that include:

  • Early-Stage Asset Management
    • The earlier you begin taking advantage of savings and appropriate investment opportunities, the more prepared you will be when your retirement or independence day dawns. Meritrust’s Early-Stage Asset Management team works with you, as a new investor, identifying investments suitable for your short, intermediate and long-term goals. The goal is to work together now to educate you on actions you should take to prepare for an independent financial future.
  • Accumulation-Stage Planning
    • For those building wealth, Meritrust’s Accumulation-Stage Planning team works to identify opportunities to compound interest, maximize income, and solidify growth.
  • Retirement Planning
    • Have I saved enough money? Will my family be taken care of? Meritrust’s Retirement Planning Services Team helps answer those questions to ensure you retire with confidence. Our advisors review your unique financial situation, identify your retirement goals, and implement a retirement plan that includes risk management and tax considerations.
  • Education Funding
    • Meritrust’s Education Funding advisors understand the value of an education for your children or grandchildren and can assist in developing an education funding plan that can include a 529 College Savings Plan or Educational IRA.

Our team includes Marcia Cammack, Jay Conner, Tom Furlong, Frank Hill, John Kallis, Nathan McNulty, Beth Roché, and Greg Rogers.

Personal Tax

Our Personal Tax Service team offers a proactive approach to tax planning. We partner with tax advisors at MCM CPAs & Advisors to minimize tax liability our clients face. Meritrust in conjunction with MCM offers continuous tax monitoring, seeking new opportunities for tax reduction and maximizing wealth goals like estate and trust planning and charitable giving. The combined expertise of our Meritrust financial advisors and MCM state, local, and federal tax advisors ensure we can navigate complex tax strategies with your financial future in mind.

Over the past 30 plus years, MCM has guided the tax and accounting matters for some of the region’s most well known business and community leaders.

Personal Insurance Solutions

Deciding on insurance is made easier with Meritrust’s Personal Insurance Solutions. Our insurance team has over 40 years of experience in advanced insurance planning for you or your family. Our team works with you to understand your goals and make recommendations for insurance options to protect you and your family at the time of your death as well as address estate liquidity needs. Insurance solutions that are right for you may include life insurance, long-term care, disability coverage or annuities. We’ll build a smart personal insurance plan that protects you from potential consequences of future life events.

Our team includes Frank Hill, Nathan McNulty and Beth Roché.


Investment Management

The Meritrust Investment Management Team works continuously to make strategic investment decisions with your best interests at the forefront.

  • Active Account Management
    • With this hands-on approach, our financial advisors will actively manage your portfolio to meet your specific goals. We monitor market trends, economic changes, political shifts, and other factors that may impact your investment experience.
  • Third Party Management
    • Meritrust will provide access to third-party private asset managers in order to provide specialized asset classes or strategies not normally available to certain investment account sizes.
  • Evidence-Based Investment Management
    • With this data-driven approach, our investment advisors will use research and historical data to guide investment decisions. Instead of investment decisions influenced by current news, investments will be influenced by scientifically predetermined factors.
  • Specialized Investment Management
    • Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Investing
      • ESG investing is becoming increasingly popular for investors passionate about sustainability. With ESG investing, we’ll build a portfolio of investments in responsible companies and areas with high ESG ratings, taking environmental, social, and governance risks into account.
  • Structured Risk Minimization Strategy
    • We utilize structured products and other strategies to mitigate a multitude of unpredictable risks. These strategies hedge against downturns in the overall equity market, whether those are caused by a recession, inflated market valuations, or even a pandemic.

Our team includes Marcia Cammack, Jay Conner, Tom Furlong, Frank Hill, John Kallis, Nathan McNulty, Beth Roché, and Greg Rogers.

Women's Wealth Program

Our Women’s Wealth Program empowers women to confidently make smart financial choices in any stage of life. Meritrust understands that no two circumstances are the same and we take time to understand the personal situations and goals women have, creating unique and sound financial plans tailored to meet wealth goals. We will make sure you understand our fee structure and explore the options available to you. We work together as a team to face difficult situations and transitions including loss of spouse or divorce, care for aging parents, inheritance and independence of children. Our mission is to keep you in control of your financial future.

Contact Marcia Cammack or Beth Roche for more Information.

“Millionaire Next Door” Services

We work with individuals that are self-made and have accumulated wealth through their own hard work.  It takes a special person to achieve wealth accumulation through disciplined spending and thoughtful investment.  We understand that this person typically strives to preserve their principal but wants to put their money to work and earn a reasonable return through dividends and interest.  We work with you to be prepared for retirement and we help you avoid surprises.  Knowing that there is a balance between growth and income, we explore and help you understand the appropriate mix for your own personal situation.  Sometimes preserving wealth for your heirs is important and if it is, we take that into account as well.

Our team is Marcia Cammack, Tom Furlong and Beth Roche.

Retainer Fee Based Services

We understand that not everyone is looking for advisors to manage a financial portfolio, but may still benefit from the deep expertise of our team of financial planners. We offer a broad or targeted range of financial planning services for those families that would prefer an objective fee-based financial plan. This might include families that prefer to manage their own wealth, or working professionals that are investing the majority of their excess income in qualified retirement plans. Our financial plans include detailed cash flow planning, retirement income planning, insurance planning, and investment analysis. Popular targeted planning needs include Roth conversion analysis and social security planning. We incorporate industry-leading planning tools and a sophisticated technology approach within our financial planning model.

Contact Nathan McNulty for more information.

Securities Based Lending

Securities Based Lines of Credit (SBLOC)

Many clients enjoy the benefit of using their investment account as the source for their personal lending needs. An SBLOC allows clients to borrow money using securities as collateral. When liquidity needs arise, an SBLOC provides newfound financial flexibility while keeping your investment strategy intact. By utilizing an SBLOC for your borrowing needs, the investor avoids capital gains taxes associated with the sale of securities. Whether or not the interest paid on the SBLOC is deductible may depend on how the funds are used, so please discuss this issue with your CPA. Qualified plans (including retirement accounts) are not eligible to be used as collateral.

SBLOC benefits include:

  • SBLOCs typically are offered at more competitive interest rates than margin accounts
  • Your advisor can still manage the assets in the collateralized account
  • You can apply for lines of credit as low as $75,000 with no annual or closing fees
  • You can draw on your open SBLOC for almost any need (except to purchase securities)
  • You have access to the SBLOC via check or by wire at no additional cost

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